Update on tiny, The x-rays show that she was born with a deformity in her rib cage, unfortunately we can't rule out that she doesn't have a heart murmur and she will have trouble breathing throughout her life, her lungs can't expand properly, she is prone to arthritis in her legs & prone to hernias. We are so sad tiny is such a scared but an amazing little dog these are the dogs being abused everyday! tiny has been used for breeding and then thrown away like rubbish because she isn't good for breeding any more! normally dogs with tiny's condition die at birth tiny is a little miracle to even still be alive with her deformity today. Luckily for tiny we rescued her & she is going to live with one of our amazing Fosters where she'll be treated like the little princess she is, she can live out her days there & hopefully we can get as many days out of little tiny as we can, Tiny will be under our care for Life, You can sponsor tiny.

If you would like to contribute towards our vet bills & Tiny's care donations can be made via the link below. A PayPal account is not required, there is an option to donate by card.

We rely solely upon donations for our rescue to continue, we receive no other sources of funding. There are no employed staff, all helpers are volunteers caring for our dogs in their own homes. You can Donate via Link, Thank you.


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  • Breed: Jack Russell Cross
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: To be confirmed
  • Size: Small
  • Neutered: All our dogs are neutered before they are rehomed
  • Live with dogs: I could live with another dog