Barnaby. Please share, and if you are interested in adopting or finding out more about Barnaby, please download an adoption form from http: // and email it to BREED: West Highland White Terrier AGE: 1 years old GOOD WITH CHILDREN: He needs an adult only home GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: Considering his behavioural needs we would like to find him a home where he is the only dog to better enhance his chances for success. GOOD WITH CATS: He has not been cat tested Behaviour requirements: He has bite history IDEAL HOME: A terrier savvy home is needed. Somewhere he is loved for the dog he is, he is full of character and likes fun but will also need a loving owner who never punishes him in any way for some of his little quirks. FEEDING: Raw Diet or Natures Diet HEALTH: In good health LOCATION: Hertfordshire, Glendee Rescue. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: He was relinquished after showing some aggression with his owner and from time to time biting, we have worked on Barnaby's confidence around being handled and we are teaching him that he can show us what he likes and dislikes and therefore instead of biting he can show much more appropriate behaviours that allows you to know what he is about to do, basically we are putting back in all of the warning signs that a dog should do before they bite. He now will go tense and give some calming signals allowing us to stop doing what we are doing. We aren't getting bitten and he is beginning to like that we listen to him, he recently went to the vets, and although he was very frightened he allowed the vet to check him over and vaccinate him. He is a clever boy and in the right environment and home he will be a very happy and friendly addition to a home providing you are willing to follow our direction implicitely He will need a gentle understanding approach so we can change him mind and get him back to being the dog that he should be. Happy and loving. We will request that you work closely with a behaviourist for a number of months to ensure he will never end up in this situation again.

This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we can not know how they be when they arrive in your home.

  • Breed: Westie
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: To be confirmed
  • Size: To be confirmed
  • Neutered: All our dogs are neutered before they are rehomed
  • Live with dogs: I could live with another dog