Winter & Snow

These dogs have now found a loving forever home.

Winter & Snowflake (Winter the larger one) is a real mummy's boy, Loves a lap to sit on and craves attention. He is the more laid back of the two not as confident. He is always wanting kisses and trying to get attention. He loves the other dogs but would definitely need someone around a lot for cuddles. He loves soft toys to chew on and will play tug of war with his brother Snowflake, He is not shy of telling his brother off when he gets on his nerves. Snowflake (the smaller one) he's the rascal of the two, he loves a rough and tumble. He is also a complete sweetie and loves curling up on a lap, and would benefit form a lot of human attention. Both boys either go toilet on their mats or in the garden, Both are not bad on a lead and both come in from the garden when called. Neither is food aggressive and you can take anything out of their mouths without a struggle. They are used to children, do try and chase the cats (if the cats can be bothered to run) and are inquisitive but not nasty with the rabbits (they are more interested in eating their poo than the rabbit). they are both fine with the kids and other kids that come round. They are little bundles of joy and I love them lots and they will make fantastic pets. They both sleep together in a puppy crate and go in when asked and are lovely and quiet all night.

For more information on Winter & Snowflake please contact us.

  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 8 Months old
  • Size: Small
  • Neutered: All our dogs are neutered before they are rehomed
  • Live with dogs: I could live with another dog